My Road to Investing in Cryptocurrency/Coins to Watch

My life changed about a year ago when a nice family from back east randomly found me online. They were living and working downtown, and had been looking all over Los Angeles for a place to finally call home. Trying to get a feel for the diverse areas in which they could settle, they landed on Manhattan Beach as a possibility. We hit it off instantly upon first meeting. I showed them around the area, did my spiel about why I loved the South Bay so much and how Manhattan was one of the most ideal spots in LA County, and they got excited. After a few showing and as we were homing in on their wish list, they said, “Oh, by the way, we want to pay for it in Bitcoin.”

The road to crypto is paved with good intentions.

As a hungry Realtor with a can-do attitude I naturally said, “Sure, we can do that!” not knowing **WTF** I was doing or how I was going to do it. Maybe they were kidding? No. They weren’t.

I called my go-to lenders to see what they knew about this Bitcoin thing. Not much. One said he bought one just for experimentation purposes, but the best thing for my buyer to do was to exchange it for USD and let it season for a couple of months. Nope. We found the house they wanted, they were sick and tired of living out of suitcases and needed to move NOW. So, years were lost off my life getting the deal done but we GOT IT DONE, and went on to do three more transactions this year. I’ll bore you with the details in another blog post someday.

All this to say at the time, when we were standing in the house they had decided was theirs, my buyer showed me his digital wallet. Holyfreakinmoly. One BTC was around $760. I thought that was insane. Who would want to invest in a digital currency at that rate?? Um, yeah. Fast-forward to one year later, and at the time of this writing, it’s at $7,750 and has been flirting with $8,000. I expect it to be there by next week, barring any manipulating statements from China or JP Morgan (who bought the dips, but again I’ll save the rage for another post).

I’m not proud to say I’ve done some dumb things in the past with stocks, like sell my Apple shares and invest in the “next eBay” upon advice of a friend (ever heard of AuctionCities? Didn’t think so. It’s sitting there in my portfolio at $0 with its middle finger in the air). But after a couple of more real estate transactions using Bitcoin, I decided to finally take the plunge at (gulp) $1,800. I lost sleep that night. Then I saw it go up. And up. Then bought at $2,200, $4,000 and just bought the dip when they announced the SegWit2x fork had been cancelled. I’m not to most savvy trader in the world. Although it’s become an obsession of mine, I don’t day trade or sit at my computer waiting to see what’s going on so that I can cash in. Since last this time last year, BTC is up 919%. That’s not a freaking typo. And because of my crazy journey in the past year I have met fascinating people in this new world of cryptocurrency. They watch the coins, they know when to buy and sell, and then they tell me. Unlike my awesome stock portfolio that gains 10-12% on a good day, here are the coins that I’m vested in (Note: I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR, just a chick who likes this stuff and hoping you will too):

NEO (up 27,023% from $0.17 Dec. 2016 to $46.11 Nov. 2017)

Ethereum (up 3,421% from $9.57 Dec. 2016 to $337.98 Nov. 2017)

Litecoin (up 1,162% from $3.95 Dec. 2016 to $68.44 Nov. 2017)

EOS (up 84% from July 2017 to $1.94 Nov. 2017) – one to watch. Trust me on this one.

Monero (up 1,612% from $7.86 Dec. 2016 to $134.63 Nov. 2017)

Walton (up 396% form $1.04 Aug. 2017 to $5.16 Nov. 2017)

OmiseGo (up 1,432% from July 2017 to $8.12 Nov. 2017)

Other coins to keep watching: SALT, ChainLink and KyberNetwork. Do I wish I had bought into these a year ago? You bet! You’re probably thinking it’s too late to get in the game, but it’s not. I tell everyone to get in now, even if it’s ¼ of a Bitcoin or any of the above coins. In another year, you’ll most likely stand to make more than this year’s best performing stocks (According to as of October 2017):

Dynavax Technologies (DVAX - healthcare) – up 444%

Straight Path Communications (STRP – telecommunications) – up 432%

The following seven are in the healthcare sector as well (!!!):

Sangamo Therapeutics (SGMO) – up 391%

Calithera Biosciences (CALA) – up 384%

Pieris Pharmaceuticals (PIRS) – up $309%

Kite Pharma (KITE) – up 301%

Esperion Therapeutics (ESPR) – up 300%

Puma Biotechnology (PBYI) – up 290%

Immunomedics (IMMU) – up 280%

Of course, this could all go to hell by the time this is published. Just like traditional fiat hedge funds, there have been numerous crypto hedge funds popping up. Some good, some bad, but my favorite so far is MT Digital Assets –  they cater to the beginner, intermediate and savvy crypto investors, and go over and above to make sure you have a diverse portfolio that fits YOU, plus they’re just super cool guys.

Once you’ve made your fortune in crypto investments, call me to park it in some real estate. ?



Post by Piper Moretti

Piper Moretti is the CEO of The Crypto Realty Group, a Los Angeles-based firm specializing in conducting real estate transactions with cryptocurrency and the only REALTOR® in California who has completed 5 bitcoin transactions to date. Piper is a licensed international luxury REALTOR® at First Team Christie’s International Luxury Real Estate, one of the world’s largest luxury real estate brokerages as well as a Certified International Property Specialist, the only international designation recognized by the National Association of REALTORS®. She is also a proud advisor to the Los Angeles Blockchain Lab,, and a member of the Los Angeles chapter of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association. Her speaking engagements include Inman Connect, New York 2018, International Blockchain Real Estate Association’s 2nd Annual Conference and UCLA Cyber Days. Piper has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine,, Mansion Global, and Commercial Observer, Business Insider and Bitcoin Magazine.

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