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Frequently Asked Questions


How long has CRG been in business?

After witnessing many issues in the industry and discovering the promise of what blockchain and emerging technologies can bring to the sector, we officially registered as a Wyoming C-Corp in March of 2022 with the goal of building towards a better future for real estate.

Our CEO, Piper Moretti, has been conducting crypto transactions since 2017 when she was an agent operating under the DBA.

Are you a real estate brokerage or a tech platform?

We are a licensed real estate brokerage, registered with the California DRE, Lic. 02221082.

Do you only deal with real estate transactions involving crypto?

Absolutely not! We are a full-service brokerage, transacting in “traditional” real estate sales as well as helping those buyers and sellers who may want to purchase or sell their property with crypto.

Where are you located?

We are located in Los Angeles County, in the beautiful Beach Cities (Manhattan Beach). At the moment, we are licensed in California, but we have partnerships around the globe ready to serve you. Expansion plans are in the very near future. Stay tuned 🙂

I love the vision - how can I help?

If you are a licensed California agent or broker (or looking to get your CA real estate license), drop us a line! We would love to talk to you. If you’re outside of California, call us anyway! We would love to partner with you.

Crypto x Real Estate


Absolutely. We’ve been helping clients purchase in crypto since 2016, and there are many more options today than there were back then. We have close relationships with escrow companies who are able to convert your crypto and wallet-to-wallet transactions are entirely possible. Whatever your specific needs are, our concierge service will guide you throughout the process.


First, we’ll need to verify funds. We use a payment processor and escrow company that only accepts BTC, Stablecoins and ETH. There are also collateralized loan options. Most transactions are crypto to cash, unless the seller is willing to accept crypto. The escrow process is the same as a traditional transaction with terms and contingencies agreed to buy the buyer and seller.



First, we’ll need verification of ownership. Next, we’ll outline marketing and listing terms in an LOI (Letter of Intent). Depending on where the property is located, we may have to enlist a “boots on the ground” agent for state and local contractual procedures. We will then market your property world-wide on leading crypto sites, tier 1 and tier 2 news platforms as well as engage with serious potential buyers associated with CRG and its partners.


The shortest answer is not really. If you really wanted to do you can maybe do it for fun; but today it just isn’t that practical and in essence would reduce your potential buyer pool, add friction to future transactions and add additional ongoing costs to manage and maintain so it most cases it doesn’t make sense.

We got this question a lot during the height of the 2021 NFT bull market. What most people mean by this is either:
– Can I sell my house for Crypto and attract new buyers?
– Can I get a digital twin made of my house?


The purchase price is always determined in Fiat (government-backed currency), e.g. if the purchase price is $1,000,000, then the market value of Bitcoin will equal $1,000,000 at the time of closing. If the transaction is written as crypto to crypto, explicit instructions will be written into the purchase agreement stating that the buyer and seller agree to the market fluctuations after the close of escrow and that the buyer is no longer responsible for those fluctuations.



If you’re an agent and have a client who wants to sell or purchase a property in crypto, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help. If you are wanting to learn about blockchain technology selling or purchasing properties in crypto, we offer In-Depth Education, Crash Courses and Coaching.

OTC & Crypto Concierge

What is Crypto OTC Trading?

OTC trading stands for Over-the-Counter trading, where cryptocurrency transactions occur directly between parties without the need for a centralized exchange platform. This is especially common for large-volume trades.

How Does OTC Trading Differ from Exchange Trading?

The primary difference is that OTC trading bypasses public exchanges, providing more privacy. This often results in faster transactions, especially for large volumes. Moreover, OTC trades might not affect the market price directly, as they’re not recorded on the public order book.

Who Typically Uses OTC Trading?

OTC trading is usually preferred by high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and businesses or projects that want to trade larger amounts of cryptocurrency. They might opt for OTC services to avoid slippage that can occur with large-volume trades on public exchanges or want more direct customer service and support.

Is OTC Trading Safe?

The safety of OTC trading largely depends on the reliability and reputation of the parties involved. It’s crucial to conduct due diligence before engaging in OTC trades. Reputable OTC brokers will employ measures like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) to ensure the legitimacy of trades.

Why Might Prices in OTC Trading Differ from Exchange Prices?

Prices in OTC markets may differ from exchange prices due to the personalized nature of the deals. The pricing in OTC deals often reflects the specific needs and agreements between the buyer and seller, including volume discounts or premiums based on the size of the trade.

What are the Benefits of OTC Trading?

OTC trading offers several benefits. For one, it allows for more discretion, as trades don’t appear on public order books. Second, traders can execute large trades without causing significant price slippage. Lastly, OTC traders often have access to a more personalized service, with brokers helping to find the best prices and manage trade details.


How will this course benefit my real estate business?

The online course is designed to provide real estate professionals with the knowledge and tools to integrate cryptocurrency transactions and investments seamlessly into their existing operations, ensuring they stay ahead in the evolving market.

Who will be instructing the course?

Our instructors, James and Piper, are experts with hands-on experience in both the cryptocurrency and real estate sectors, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and practical insights.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no strict prerequisites, although a basic understanding of real estate operations will be beneficial..

Do you offer private onsite for my company or brokerage?

Yes, we offer a custom tailored solutions for small teams. Contact our enrollment team for details and pricing.